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What is Nibav Lifts?

Nibav lifts exemplifies seamless locomotion within the residence with Home lifts in Manitoba but without compromising on the luxury quotient. Adhering to the pinnacle of European safety standards and a slew of design choices to pick from, our aesthetically designed products will wishfully blend in with your surroundings.
We use Air, literally as our underlying technology, making our lifts the safest and most comfortable in the market.

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What makes us stand apart?

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An affordable product that can be installed in a household is what the majority of the audience cherish. It is what we aim to deliver with our Home lifts in Manitoba. We deliver superior quality lifts at affordable costs achieved by our manufacturing plants in Southeast Asia without compromising on quality as all parts are empowered by Australian engineering technology. Backed by our expert R&D, we have innovated which helped bring down the cost of home lifts significantly.

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Maintenance Free

Unlike commercial lifts which are regularly maintained by a team of professionals, Home lifts are made for residences. We incorporated a maintenance free solution with vacuum technology which is void of oil, grease or any other lubricants. They keep the atmosphere clean and don’t need to be frequently changed which significantly reduces maintenance schedules.

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Easy to Install

Our lifts are easy to install with a short turnaround time. It takes hours, not weeks to set it up as your new lift will be up and running in 24-48 hours. Our engineers will collate the dismantled pieces into a lift like building Lego blocks together. A self-supported structure, Nibav Home lifts Manitoba doesn’t need a shaft or additionally constructed structure.

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Safety is Our Priority

Filled up to the brim with a load of safety features, we guarantee that our product is safe for use by the entire family, both children and elders. Safety features include automatic parking in designated floor during power failure, backup UPS, and automated lights/ fan on. The 360 degree view design always lets you keep an eye on your loved ones. An ideal add-on for claustrophobic people who can use our lifts comfortably.

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Certified by European Standards

We have acquired the most coveted and strictest certifications. Our Home lifts Manitoba complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, a standard created by the European Union to certify structural integrity and reliability when in use. The European Standards are a set of guidelines designed to ensure the safety and quality of products and services. The certification is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure products remain up to date with the latest regulations & safety standards.

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Splendid Design

Our Home lifts in Manitoba are compact and convenient solutions that come in blocks that are easier to install in any residence. Our circular lifts are made to be non-intrusive yet a reliable way to move between floors for the residents. The 360 degree view enclosed in bulletproof glass not only makes for an elegant outlook but also keeps the occupant in touch with other residents of the home.

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Innovative Technology

Making use of the most abundant resource in the world, our lifts run on air. We are years ahead of our competitors and conventional lifts by delivering a wholesome solution. Equipped with automated power backup, intuitive controls, and state-of-the-art vacuum technology, we excel at being ahead of everyone else while providing a convenient way to move within your home.

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Make every lift your own by choosing from a palette of colors, size and an aesthetically pleasing look that comfortably blends with your atmosphere. Be it creamy white or dark brown, each color for Home lifts Manitoba has been painstakingly designed to provide a touch of elegance to your product. Lifts are no longer a mundane add-on with Nibav as we focus on style and customization. Users can also engrave a logo or text of their choice to personalize their lift.

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No Pit or Machine Room Required

The best part of our Home lifts is that they don’t require a pit to be dug or a machine room to be installed on the top floor, making them the easiest product in the market to be installed. Conventional pits often attract unwanted rodents, pests and dust which can be fully eradicated with the knocked down installation process followed by us. It helps keep your home clean and get the work done with minimal construction.

Luxurious Living Solution by Nibav

At Nibav, we always believe in ascension and with a motto to make Home lifts more feasible and cost efficient, we have ushered in a new era of products. Explore elevators that are a valuable addition to the stylish persona of your residence.

We are building an exciting range of products, a series of Home lifts designed to make your life easier. Get our latest brochure today to know more about upcoming products and extensive product features.

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