The Best Home Elevators in Canada: Key Features Offered by Nibav

- Nibav Lifts INC

Compact and Comfortable

Our home elevators require a supporting space that is 1010 mm in diameter and extends vertically to provide a comfortable living area for two individuals.


360-degree Panoramic Glass View

It can be unusual for someone to experience a fear of heights, particularly in enclosed elevators. With the help of Nibav Home Elevators, you may take in the wonderful panoramic view of your home.



Nibav Home Elevator operates on single-phase power and consumes only 3.7 kVA while ascending. During descent, this elevator consumes ZERO power, making it an eco-friendly home lift.


Superior Aesthetics

The Nibav Home Elevator offers flawless aesthetics that include customizable colors, panoramic glass views, and additional features.



Aluminum and galvanized steel are combined in the making of small home elevators to provide lightweight construction without sacrificing strength.


No Machine Room is required

Our home elevators do not require extra room for installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements; which allows you to optimize your space, protect the integrity of your home, and quickly install the lift.


“Elevate your home, elevate your life. Experience Nibav – Where Every Ascent is Extraordinary!”