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The Perfect Home Lifts Solution for Effortless Mobility in Your Home

Whether you’re looking to improve your mobility or ensure the comfort and safety of loved ones, Nibav Home Lifts presents a practical and stylish solution. Our home elevators provide relief from the physical strain of climbing stairs, rendering every level of your home readily accessible. Delve into the features of our two premier models: the Series III and Series III Max, and learn how an air-driven home lift can revolutionize your living space.

Commute Easy With Our Home Elevators

Series III Max Home Elevator

Series III Max

Elevate your home with the Nibav Series III Max, an upgraded model designed to exceed expectations. Featuring patented technology, this collection enhances the excellence of our renowned Series III standard. With spacious cabins customizable with your preferred flooring and lighting options, these lifts accommodate up to an impressive 240 kgs/529 lbs and provide wheelchair accessibility, ensuring inclusivity and comfort for all users. Accredited by TUV SUD, CE, and SIL-3 certifications, our product showcases a sleek, safety-oriented design. At Nibav, we go beyond mere transportation – we enhance lives.

Series III

Introducing the Nibav Series III Standard, setting a new standard in residential elevators with its blend of stunning design and top-notch functionality. Achieving prestigious CE and SIL-3 certifications, these elevators redefine customization in home lifts. With a capacity for 4 stops (G+3) and a remarkable travel height of 13,500mm, they seamlessly marry style and practicality. Elevate your space with our wide array of customizable options for shafts, floorings, and more, and experience the pinnacle of domestic lift luxury.

Series III Home Elevator