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Nibav Home Elevators offer a luxurious and convenient way to move between floors in a home, using patented and state of the art pneumatic technology for a smooth and safe ride. These elevators are designed with the highest European safety standards while using the most abundant resource on Earth — AIR.

Why Choose Us?

We provide affordable yet high-quality residential home elevators that increase your home’s aesthetic and financial value.

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By combining Australian engineering, European components and also world class manufacturing plants in south east asia, we achieve maximum excellence at an affordable price.

Home elevators Canada

Easy Installation

Our home elevators are self-supporting, and their parts come in a semi-assembled state-significantly reducing installation time to 24-48 hours.


European Safety Standards

Our home lifts are certified by Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which is one of the strictest standards for assessing structural integrity and safety.

How Do Home Elevators Work?

Using the applied principles of pneumatic technology, Home elevators make use of vertical cylinders that are attached to a coaxial car which then propels movement through air suction. The difference in the pressure levels at the top of the car and the bottom enables it to move up and down. The turbines attached to the top of the home lifts act as exhaust fans to help create a vacuum that is required to lift the car.

Let’s Start the Journey with Nibav Home Elevators

Nibav Home Elevators 2023 Model The new series becomes the World’s best pneumatic vacuum elevator. The New Series II is the result of our arduous and meticulous research and development. The outcome is a home lifts that provides superior technology, structure, and above all, an elevator that provides a smooth and elegant experience.
Having made significant strides with our technological and aesthetic upgrades, the all new NIBAV Home Elevators 2023 model is miles ahead of its predecessor and other generic home lifts and elevators.

Headroom Sound Proof: 2800mm
Special Glass Polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass)
Power Consumption 3.7kVA
Electrical Requirement 7.5 KVA Servo Stabilizer with 32 Amps
Maximum stops 4 Stops (G+3)
Headroom Split: 2639mm
Special Glass Polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass)
Power Consumption 3.7kVA
Electrical Requirement 7.5 KVA Servo Stabilizer with 32 Amps
Maximum stops 4 Stops (G+3)

How Safe And Durable Are Our Home elevators

Nibav Home Lifts are manufactured in accordance with European standards following machine directive 2006 42 EC. Our elevators have been standardized with ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) by TUV Nord, a leading management and process certification organization in the world. This certification defines that a well renowned organization like TUV Nord recognizes NIBAV Home Lifts’ capability in organizational efficiency, quality manufacturing and exceeding customer’s expectations on all walks.

Apart from these, Nibav Home Elevators are equipped with standard safety features that include a telephone, an adjustable glow light, emergency descent, a trap door and an alarm.

Our residential home lifts are manufactured using aircraft grade galvanized steel and unbreakable polycarbonate glass. This helps to battle extreme temperature fluctuations and endows the car with greater impact resistance.

The auto descent function enables the elevator to automatically halt at the nearest floor during power outages. As a result, there is no danger of being stuck inside the lift.

Home elevators Canada

Benefits of home elevators

Residential Home elevators

Home Elevators make homes more accessible

Home Elevators enhance property value

They act as effective means to future proof homes

They don’t require a separate pit or a machine room

Home lifts are safe to use and are more energy efficient

Home lifts take up very minimal space and are easy to assemble

They are low maintenance and are easy to use

They are self-supporting, a shaft or other external structure is not necessary.

Book Home Elevators in Canada Starting at $79K

Available in All Different Hues

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The new series becomes the world’s first pneumatic home lifts that meets European quality standards while providing extra structural transparency, an elegant and smooth structure and state of the art pneumatic technology. We have designed our Home lifts in such a way that makes your home life serene and luxurious.

The New series II has been designed with the smoothest yet strongest curved design profile. Built with aeronautical grade aluminum, and bulletproof glass, Nibav Home lifts are the market’s strongest and least intrusive self-supporting structured option for home elevators.

“We also provide a complete panoramic view across the entire lift, making it an aesthetic asset rather than a mechanical inconvenience.”

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With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Nibav vacuum home lifts 2023 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.

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How To Assess Your Need For A Home Elevator

There are a list of criterias that you need to assess if you are planning to invest in a residential home elevators.

Home elevators

Are you looking to improve accessibility? Home elevators are purchased mainly to improve accessibility levels in homes. They add a nuanced level of comfort to homes and aid in enhancing the market value of the property. Thus, you can ascertain your need for a home elevator if you have a clearly defined requirement to make your home more accessible for its occupants.

Are you looking to future proof your home? Home elevators act as an effective means to future proof your spaces. Not only are they cost effective, they can also help us save on other anticipated costs in the future.

Are you looking for an ergonomic option to use your home space? Compared to stairs, home elevators don’t take up a lot of space and can be installed within 24 hours.

If you are looking for a safe and compact home lifts that is also affordable, the Nibav vacuum lift is perfect for you.

Nibav Lifts Awards
Nibav Lifts Awards
Let’s take a look at the different models available in Canada.
Home Lifts canada

When it comes to NIBAV Home Elevators in Canada, we provide a range of models, and the price for those elevators varies depending on the model and customisation choices opted for.

Split Unit - G+1
Sound Proof - G+1
Split Unit - G+2
Sound Proof - G+2
Split Unit - G+3
Sound Proof - G+3
Nibav Home Elevators Specifications
  • Nibav Lifts can accommodate up to 265 kgs and can be engineered to travel up to four floors, including the ground floor.
  • Our home lifts can be engineered with two different configuration options: Sound proof unit and Split unit.
  • Our home lifts can be built to exit from dual sides for each floor.
  • Headroom: Sound proof: 2800 mm
  • Electrical Requirement: 7.5 KVA Servo Stabilizer with 32 Amps
  • Made of polycarbonate material that is 250 times stronger than normal glass
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Home Lift canada
A Panoramic 360-Degree View

Our home elevators are manufactured using polycarbonate material which is 250 times stronger than glass rendering it unbreakable and bulletproof.

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Our home lifts do not require any battery backup as they come equipped with an array of safety features like automatic descent, alarm, child switch and many more!

TUV Nord Logo-2-50x50-01
Certified by TUV Nord

Our home elevators are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) by TUV Nord, which is the world’s leading management and process certification agency.

Home Lift canada
CKD (Completely Knocked Down)

The elevator gets delivered with completely built in cabins and shaft structures that can be assembled together without any need for welding, taping or even ducting work. Owing to its simplicity, our home elevators don’t require much civil work and can be installed within 24 hours.

Home elevators Canada
Self-supporting Design

Our home elevators are engineered to stand on their own so that they do not require any external structural support to be erected inside a house. This is especially significant since our elevators can be placed inside a fully constructed house without making any drastic structural changes. Capitalizing on this, we are able to maximize the shaft to cabin space as they are both constructed at the same facility.

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Lightweight structure

Making use of high quality polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel, our elevators are built in a way that ensures zero compromise on their structural integrity while simultaneously maintaining their weight to a bare minimum. To give an example, you can erect the elevator in a balcony without the need for any special concreting.

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Energy efficient making it Eco-friendly

Nibav Home Lifts travel at a speed of up to 0.15 mph. Using approximately roughly 3.7 kVA of power during ascent and much lower than that during descent, our elevators capitalize on the power of pneumatic technology to reduce power consumption. Operating on the most abundant resource in the world, air, our elevators don’t require the need for oil or lubrication of any kind.

Home lifts canada
Innovative Technology

Our home lifts run on air, the most plentiful resource on the planet. Due to the fact that we offer a complete solution, we are years ahead of competitors and conventional lifts by delivering a wholesome solution. With autonomous power backup, simple controls, and cutting-edge vacuum technology, we excel at staying one step ahead of the competition and offering a practical way to move around your home.

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No Pit Or Machine Room Required

The area underneath elevators, commonly referred to as elevator pits, can accumulate dust and attract insects and termites, earning it the nickname “Devil’s Basement.” However, Nibav Home Elevators eliminates this concern as it doesn’t need a pit. These elevators are perfect for retrofitting into existing homes. Their machinery is integrated into the elevator itself, eliminating the need for a separate machine room. Depending on the available space, there are two variants to choose from for added convenience.

Are home elevators safe?

Yes, home elevators are essentially safe to use. However, it is best to ensure that we look for certifications that attest to the safety of these elevators. At NIBAV, we prioritize safety above everything else. All our lifts are certified by TUV Nord with a ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

Home elevator cost in Canada?

The price of home elevators range from $25,000 to $100,000. This price will vary depending on many factors like location, technology opted for, number of floors and so on.

Advantages of a Home Elevator

It is important to note that home elevators are vastly different from commercial elevators. Thus, the best home elevator for your home can be determined based on the size of the house, safety standards and also if it can be customized to your specific home. NIBAV Lifts are easy to install and don’t require a machine room or pit. Additionally, they offer panoramic views across the cabin that helps battle feelings of claustrophobia. Also our lifts are pet friendly and can be used by youngsters and elders alike.

Delivery Timelines

We work towards delivering Nibav Lifts around a timespan of 3 months! .

How long does it take to install a Nibav Home lift?

Depending on various parameters, a traditional residential elevator can take up to a few months to install. However, Nibav elevators are plug-and-play, which means they come with their own structure and can sometimes be installed in under 24 hours  without the need for a separate machine room or pit.

Does an elevator need a machine room?

Yes, most home elevators need space for a machine room. However, Nibav Home elevators are self-contained plug-and-play structures so there is no need for a machine room or a pit, making installation possible in any location.

How many floors can your home lift go?

The maximum number of levels our NIBAV elevators can access, including the ground, is four.

How many people can fit into the lift?

NIBAV Lifts can accommodate up to between 3 to 5 people at a time, depending on the model of your chosen lift..

Are home lifts safe for elderly?

Home elevators provide a safer and more convenient lifestyle for people of all ages. Home elevator brands that have been granted a TUV Nord certificate seal the deal for safety because these certifications involve 194 different safety inspections, ensuring the elevator’s safety. This is where NIBAV Lifts stand out as they are certified by TUV Nord with a ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

Does a home elevator add value to your home?

Home elevators add immense value to our personal property in terms of elevated aesthetic styles, enhanced property values and increased self reliance amongst the inmates.

We are here to help you with everything right from an oil change to an engine change. We handle queries on all our foreign as well as domestic vehicles.
Nibav Lifts is the manufacturer of premium grade home elevators that are affordable, energy efficient and compact!


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