Elegant Small Home Elevators

Nibav brings the most superior and elegant elevators for home, that are compact and can fit your space just like a puzzle piece. Reach out to us to find out more.

About Us

Nibav Home Lifts is a well-experienced elevator manufacturer that has extended its services across Canada. We bring you small elevators for home that impart luxury and comfort into the aesthetic features of your property. Our elevators operate using a pneumatic mechanism that creates variations in the air pressure of a closed atmosphere, through which the elevator cabin is carried between the floors. Nibav’s small elevators for home are a remarkable invention in the residential elevators industry – an economical choice and an eco-friendly solution for house owners who plan on buying an elevator for their homes.

Small elevators for home

Highest Safety Standards with aesthetics

Nibav elevators for homes are manufactured in line with the European Safety Standards to ensure the utmost safety for our clients. At the same time, these small elevators for home are engineered to provide efficient functioning and aesthetic comfort to the clients. The 360° unobstructed panoramic view of your property creates a sense of openness and a breezy atmosphere for the elders and those who avoid confined spaces. The polycarbonate glass used in the Nibav elevator is 250 times stronger than the usual glassware we come across during our quotidian errands; the glass is impact resistant and bulletproof which adds up to the reliability of our elevators for home.

Eco-friendly Elevators

Our small elevators for home are designed to use very minimal electricity during operations; particularly, vacuum elevators consume zero electricity while descending – making us the preferred choice of environment-friendly households. Nibav’s vacuum elevators are completely eco-friendly and a perfect option for those who intend to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their lives.

A Marvel in the Market

Nibav Lifts is an international phenomenon with its territories stretched across countries including Canada with more than 40 showrooms and over 2000 employees. We are committed to providing our clients with the best home elevator experience through our unparalleled products. Nibav is the one-stop solution for anyone who is looking forward to enhancing the luxury of their home not just by looks but by the actual financial value of the property. Our home elevators come with a fine touch of fashion, functionality and feasibility.

What Makes Small Elevators for Home a Perfect Choice for Compact Spaces?

Our small elevators for home make the perfect fit for compact spaces since it needs only about 1010mm or 1430mm diameter clear space to be incorporated into your property. The cabin can hold up to 2 people simultaneously without dwindling themselves. These compact elevators for homes enable you to have more space in your home without disarranging the existing decor.

Home Elevators with Exclusive Colour Patterns

Nibav’s new range of elevators for homes – “Series III” the world’s first pneumatic elevators for homes comes in about 10 colours, 4 various textures and 3 colours exclusively for the carpet inside the cabin. Our elevators are designed to provide extra structural transparency with a modish and fine structure through ultra-modern pneumatic technology to provide our customers with an exhilarating experience.

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Boost the Financial Value of your Property with Nibav Lifts

Installing a small elevator is the best way to increase the financial value of your home since it’s not just another amenity a person has in the home, but an atypical luxury one can possess and a fascinating component for your guests and neighbours to wonder about.

Your dream home is at your fingertips, especially at an affordable price you can ever guess. Get to know more about our products with the brochure.


Small home elevators
Small Home Elevators

Nibav Prioritises Safety Above Anything

Nibav proudly proclaims that our elevators are one of the safest home elevators in the entire world, with 4 layers of safety exceeding the standard safety requirements of a home elevator. Our elevators are manufactured with an overriding concern for the safety of the elders and children in the house using them. Nibav intends to ensure the safety of your loved ones in every aspect.

Series III Elevators the Safest in the Market


Contingent upon a power outage during the elevator is in action, the cabin will automatically descend to the ground floor, and the passengers can open the door manually and come out without any technical assistance.


If the elevator gets stuck between two floors under any uncertain situation, the passenger or the people outside can press the “Emergency Landing” button, placed both inside and outside the elevator to land the cabin on the ground floor.


In case of pneumatic pressure failure or the lift travels beyond the designated speed of the elevator, the “Sure Stop” safety feature will fasten the cabin within the next 2 inches to stabilise the elevator speed, ensuring safety.


The conventional locking mechanism on the door can enable you to manually unlock the elevator during an emergency. The mechanism is present both inside and outside of the cabin which can be accessed easily.

Small Home Elevators
Exceeding Highest Safety Standards

Our lifts are manufactured in line with the European Safety Standards, CE certified, and also have an ISO 9001:2015 certification from the reputed TÜV SUD – which certifies a product or a service or a process that meets about 194 safety compliance requirements to pass the safety testing.

Nibav elevators are one of a kind in the market due to their profuse features. Our small elevators for home are self-supporting structures that require very minimal maintenance since there are no grid rails or cables involved in the mechanism. The elevators get delivered in a semi-assembled state and do not require any additional rooms such as a pit or headroom to operate and the installation can be done in 24 to 48 working hours. These elevators are extremely flexible and can be installed at one’s convenience; this flexibility feature allows the house owner to move the elevator altogether to a different area or a different house at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum size for a home elevator?

A home elevator would take up space up to the diameter of 1430mm, however, the minimum size that can be occupied by a home elevator is a diameter of 1010mm.

What type of home elevator does not require a machine room?

Pneumatic or Vacuum elevators are home elevators that do not need any machine room or a pit room for their operations. Since these elevators are standalone structures, they can fully function without depending on additional construction for their machinery.

How much does it cost to install an elevator in a house?

Nibav’s vacuum elevators start from the price range of CAD 79K. Having said that the cost varies from customer to customer due to the customizations involved.

What is the time needed to install a home elevator?

Nibav’s well-versed Technical Team ensures that the installation takes place within 24 to 48 working hours depending on the particular property.

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