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Nibav Home elevators represents the picture-perfect experience for vertical transportation with the topmost European Safety Standards and breathtaking choices of designs. Our luxury home elevators are the very definition of an aesthetic home elevator that will perfectly blend into any interior decor.

Nibav lifts are the safest and most congenial home elevators in Canada that use air as the primary component for the operation; making us the eco-friendly option.

Safest Home Elevators

Nibav guarantees all-inclusive safety features to ensure the safety of our customers and their families. Nibav Luxury Home Elevator’s safety feature consists of automatic parking on any designated floor in case of a power failure and comes with backup UPS, and automated light and fan. The transparent glass surroundings allow you to keep an eye on your loved ones, and claustrophobic people also can use Nibav’s home elevators in comfort because of the 360° range of vision.

A Ticket to Your Luxurious Lifestyle

Nibavians believe in the ascension on all occasions intending to make home elevators feasible for the families of Canada. We have set the scene for a new age of home elevators for you to delve into that add value to your home monetarily and aesthetically as well.

Nibav brings home a vast collection of home elevators particularly designed to alleviate the hurdles of your mundane tasks and make life easier for your loved ones. Get our brochure to know more about our products at hand and their extensive features.


Nibav Lifts comes in four models of Head types that are Integrated, Sound Proof, Split Unit, and Reduced Split.

Tailor-made elevators exclusively for your home

Nibav elevators will enhance both the aesthetic and financial value of your property while providing paramount mobility for your loved ones to every part of your home. The outstanding part is our elevators can be customized to your preferences, this includes, the hue, texture, interiors, amenities, and customized engravings inside the cabin. Accordingly, the home elevator cost can vary as per the chosen customization.

Fringe Benefits

  • Increase the aesthetic and financial value of your property.
  • Simplify living.
  • Enhance the safety of mobility within the home.
  • Trouble-free and space-saving.
  • Style statement.

What makes Nibav unique?

Economical Elevators

Nibav provides an extensive range of products that match every requirement of the residence in reasonable quotes. We deliver vacuum elevators of high quality at an affordable price to households in Canada. Nibav’s accomplished Research and Development team brings forth top-notch home elevators backed by Australian Engineering technologies making our products the practicable cost-effective solution for homeowners in Canada.

Minimal Maintenance

Commercial cousins of residential elevators require regular maintenance because of the types of equipment involved in their construction, however, Nibav home elevators use pneumatic technology that requires very minimal maintenance due to the absence of guide rails and cables; hence there will be no need for lubricants such as oil or grease. Vacuum elevators keep the environment clean, and needless to opt for regular maintenance.

Effortless Installation

Nibav Lifts are undemanding when it comes to installation and requires very little turnaround time to complete the process. Upon installation, our engineers will assemble the dismantled pieces and construct the lift like building Lego blocks and the entire process takes only 24 to 48 hours to complete. Our luxury home elevators are self-supported structures that need no additional structure to operate since it requires no shaft, pit room, or headroom upon installation.

European safety standards

Nibav Home Elevators acts in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – the standard originated by the European Union to certify the structural integrity and reliability of a particular product. This certification is usually reviewed and updated from time to time to make certain that the lift remains in touch with the recent safety standards and regulations. And at Nibav takes full pride in following European standards for safety.

Contemporary Technology

We run on air! Literally! Vacuum lifts operate using air and a very minimal amount of electricity. Nibav stands tall and in advance of our competitors by providing sustainable and convenient solutions to our customers to move within their homes. Our elevators are equipped with automated power backup, intuitive controls, and the latest vacuum technology that allows us to excel in the elevator industry.

Magnificent Designs

We believe our home elevators are the right fit for Canada; this non-intrusive and reliable mechanism gets delivered in individual blocks and gets installed like Lego blocks into any interior. Nibav Lifts comes with polycarbonate glass which is impact-resistant and flame-retardant in nature, ensuring the protection of travellers throughout its existence. Our elegant luxury home elevators are bulletproof and splendid in shape, allowing the occupants to keep in touch with the residents while travelling.


Customise your home lift by choosing from a wide palette of colours, sizes, and styles to create a stunningly pleasing appearance that perfectly blends in with your atmosphere. Nibav brings you vacuum elevators that are meticulously designed to create the best home elevators Canada could possibly have. Another appealing feature is that now users can engrave any logo or text of their choice inside the lift to personalise their lift.

Zero Civil Work

Installing a home lift does not require any pit room beneath the ground floor or a machine room on the top floor, having said that, Nibav is the preferred choice of engineers, and interior designers in the market. Traditional elevators offer a possibility of accumulation of dust while attracting unwanted pests and rodents; whereas, Nibav Lifts involves zero civil work and leaves no space for these unwelcome guests in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Are home elevators worth the money?

Certainly. Home elevators are worth the money you invest, as it eliminates common challenges one might face because of the stairs. The elderly and people with disabilities can move across the areas in your home that were inaccessible to them with ease, such benefits provided by the elevators will make it worth the investment for the owner of the property.


How safe are home elevators?

Nibav pneumatic lifts are the only TÜV SÜD certified home elevators in India; a TÜV SÜD certificate implies that a product or service has successfully gone through the strict safety and quality requirements of this German-based organisation, proving Nibav to be a reliable, first-class home elevator with high standards of performance, safety and quality.


How big should a home elevator be?

Nibav brings home the largest panoramic cabin Series III elevators made of galvanised steel and polycarbonate glass, that is basically bulletproof. The Series III lift comes with an Internal Cabin Diameter of about 749mm/ 29in and an External Cylinder Diameter of about 935mm/ 37in, whereas, the Series III MAX lifts come in a better size with an Internal Cabin Diameter of about 1160mm/ 46in and an External Cylinder Diameter of 1343mm / 53in.


How much space is needed for a home elevator?

Series III needs a Clear Space of about 1010mm / 40in; whereas, Series III MAX requires a Clear Space of about 1430mm/ 56in.