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Our Innovation In Residential Elevators

Vacuum elevators have emerged as the predominant technology in the residential elevators market. At Nibav we are here to bring remarkable innovation to the vacuum elevator segment in Canada. Our vacuum-powered elevators are the pliable option to blend in with any kind of interior and houses with unique specifications. Nibav Lifts are effortless to install and inexpensive to afford.

Nibav’s residential elevators are compact and sleek in design and have great space and fulfil your vertical transit needs. Our residential elevators are a feasible choice that fits like a glove into a wide range of homes and their various requirements.

What Are Residential Elevators And How Does It Work?

Unlike conventional elevators, our residential elevators are made using polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel in a cylindrical shape with an inbuilt cabin that vertically moves in both directions using air and vacuum. Nibav’s residential elevators operate using variations in the atmospheric pressure around the cabin which carries the travellers; the difference in the air pressure that pushes the cabin through the glass shaft is produced by the turbines situated at the top of the elevator.

Maintaining Residential Elevators

Contrasting their commercial cousins, vacuum elevators are low maintenance that can be classified as simple, clean, quick and effective since residential elevators involve no rails or travelling cables, which means no greasy oil and lesser maintenance costs.

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With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Nibav vacuum home lifts 2024 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.

Fundamentals Of The Operations In Our Residential Elevators

A moving cabin confined within a cylindrical shaft – both made of polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel together makes a pneumatic elevator for your home.

The turbines of the vacuum motor at the top of the elevators absorb the air inside the cylinder and elevate the cabin by restraining the air going back using a seal over the glass cabin for ascending operations, and gradually lower the elevator cabin to the ground floor using the perforations in the shaft by the ground floor.


Nibav’s residential elevators carry out installations in an effortless manner. Our residential elevators can be moved with the existing dimensions to your preferred spot in the home upon requirement. Nibav’s luxury home elevators need very few to zero civil works upon installation, and there will be no need for a pit or machine room as these vacuum lifts are standalone structures. Nibav’s residential elevators can be installed in almost any kind of household, notwithstanding the type of flooring or elevation structure, considering the property meets the required fundamental specifications for a cylindrical and panoramic vacuum elevator with several access points.

Safety And Durability

  • Nibav’s residential elevators’ unique safety features have earned reputed TÜV SÜD certification, to obtain this certification, a product or service must go through 194 safety parameters.
  • In case of a power outage during the operation, our residential elevators will take you to the ground floor or your nearest floor for the traveller to manually open the door and step out of the elevator without any technical assistance.
  • The user can manually unlock the conventional lock on the door in case of an emergency.
  • In case of pneumatic pressure failure, or the elevator travels beyond the designated speed, the “Sure Stop” feature will lock the elevator’s cabin within the next 2 inches.
  • If under any uncertain situation the elevator gets stuck between the floors, “The Emergency Landing Button” will help the user to descend the elevator to the ground floor., making the chance of getting stuck inside the elevator next to zero. This button is placed both inside and outside the elevator.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Nibav residential elevators are equipped with a telephone, light, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and an alarm as a part of the safety feature. The glass and steel used in making our elevators are the same as those used in aerospace engineering – polycarbonate glass which is 250 times stronger than the normal glass ensures that the elevators are resistant to fire and external impacts. Nibav residential elevators remain immune to severe fluctuations in temperature and distressing impact because of the first-class engineering techniques involved in the making.

Nibav’s residential elevators are innoxious during emergencies, thanks to the “Auto Descent” feature – which does not require any particular battery backup or an external source of power to work under emergency conditions. Auto Descent enables the elevator to descend to the ground floor of the building and opens the cabin to let the passengers escape, preventing them from getting stuck inside.

Factors To Assess While Choosing Residential Elevators

House owners must run through several reasons while installing residential elevators on their property. Home lifts are incredibly beneficial for families with golden agers who find it difficult to move around the house; likewise, people with mobility issues who need access to every corner of their house require the aid of a home elevator. Nevertheless, the next deciding factor will be the available area in your property and the budget you have in mind. Contemplating the possibilities of having a compact and safe home elevator would lead you to Nibav Elevators.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Are residential elevators worth it?

Residential elevators are highly beneficial and a promising investment for your property in many ways. It is beyond doubt that owning a residential elevator is worthwhile by every means.


What is the smallest residential elevator?

Few of Nibav’s elevator models are considered the smallest residential elevators. There are various size customization options available, you can always talk to our experts, and they will help you with your query.


How do I choose best residential elevators?

Residential elevators serve numerous purposes in a household, majorly to assist people with mobility issues, enhance the aesthetics of your home, or add financial value to your property. Find your reason, or talk to our Elevator Experts to know more about our vacuum elevators.


How much weight can residential elevators hold?

Based on the elevator model you choose for your property, residential elevators can hold up to 210 kg/462 lbs or 240 kg/529 lbs.

Unique Features Of Our Residential Elevators

Transparent cabin and shaft enabled panoramic 360-Degree view

CKD - Completely Knocked Down structure

Low-maintenance Elevators


Requires no additional space such as a pit or head Room

TÜV SÜD certified home elevators