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Nibav Lifts – The One-Stop Solution For Home Elevators In Canada

Home elevators are largely becoming an indispensable part of households with residents who age or deal with challenges in mobility. Equally, home elevators are a valuable addition and the most sought-after aspect of multi-storey luxury homes. Nibav Lifts is the preferred choice of Home Elevator Company in Canada for a large number of Interior Designers and Engineers.

World’s Best Home Elevator Company Now In Canada

Nibav provides the finest domestic vacuum elevators to households in Canada. Our self-supporting vacuum elevators are made of bulletproof glass and the alloy of galvanised steel and Aluminium; a metal that is used in aerospace engineering. Despite being a sight to behold, Nibav home elevators are practically invincible with the European Safety Standards. There will be no repercussions needed after the installation as our elevators involve no civil work in your Canadian household. Nibav elevators are energy efficient and require about 90% lesser maintenance throughout their lifetime when compared to other elevators.

Choose The Right Elevators For Your Home - Choose Nibav Lifts

Effortless Installation

Nibav home elevators are delivered in a completely knocked-down structure, that comes in as individual parts and our specialised Structural Engineers will assemble your home elevator within 24 to 28 working hours our lifts are the literal definition of Plug and Play that enable you to use the elevators right after the installation.

Best Value and Quality in the market

We bring your home the highest quality house elevators that are a combination of Australian technology and European components at an affordable price, Nibav made this possible by investing in advanced production lines.

European Safety Standards

Nibav made possible an ISO 9001-certified home elevator company in Canada that ensures clear-cut consistency in quality. We get a thrill out of maintaining high standards in quality at every step of our manufacturing process. Nibav is certified by the renowned TÜV SÜD for meeting all their safety standards throughout our industry and management process.

Introducing Our Premium Home Elevators

Nibav’s Series III – Our Expert-Approved Vacuum Elevators For Households

  • The all-new Series III is the fruit of all the laborious effort of our Research and Development team.
  • Series III is a vacuum elevator with superior technology, and structure, that provides an ultimate home elevator experience to the user.

Brand New Additions Of Nibav Lifts

Nibav – the best-loved home elevator company in Canada has been awarded the title “The World’s Premier Airlift”. The utmost precision and attention to detail given by our well-versed Research and Development Team have translated into the ultra-modern and powerful home elevator of all-time – Series III. Most of all, Nibav’s vacuum lifts deliver an effortless, and cosmopolitan experience for our customers.

We Offer!

  • Free onsite consultations
  • Installation within 24 to 48 working hours
  • Assured 1-year warranty
  • A wide range of customization options


    Our home elevators originated to have ample space for two people inside the cabin and can travel up to 4 levels, this includes the ground floor of your property (G+3); the configuration options in Nibav Luxury home elevators are Integrated, Soundproof, and Split Units.

    Integrated is when the power is on the top of the elevator, Soundproof will conceal the noise, whereas the Split Unit will have the power separated from the elevator and attached elsewhere in the property.

    You can customise your door opening orientation, and can even opt for a double exit per floor as an alternative option. Nibav has two conventional elevator colours that are pure white and cream, and our customers can also choose from a wide variety of colours including silver, grey, terracotta, black, and gold. Nibav is genuinely the Best Home Elevator Company in Canada that brings you affordable home elevators that are of amazingly elegant & luxury standards.

    A lift For Canadian Households

    Nibav is devoted to providing our long-term after-sales services in Canada such as we extend our support across the globe. We intend to provide the best quality elevators at a reasonable price to make the most of our customer’s investment. With Nibav, investing in a luxurious feature such as a home elevator can never be an immoderate expenditure that’s only attainable for the creamy layer in the community. Our level-headed pricing ensures that all families can avail of a luxurious experience through our residential elevators.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


    Which elevator is the best for your home?

    Pneumatic or vacuum elevators are the preferred choice of elevators when it comes to residential elevators since they take up very little space in your house and can run on electricity of about 3.7kVA which is a little higher than the electricity consumed by your kettle.


    How do I choose a home elevator company?

    Nibav is the most favoured home elevator company in Canada. Our vacuum elevators are remarkably efficient and eco-friendly when compared to other brands of elevators. Nibav’s vacuum elevators provide a 360° view for the traveller, a comforting factor for people who don’t prefer confined spaces.


    How safe are home elevators?

    Our elevators come with four layers of safety, including an Emergency Landing Button both inside and outside the elevator, a Sure Stop feature, a Child Switch, Telephone inside the elevator. Our elevators are produced based on the European Safety Standards and have acquired the renowned TÜV SÜD certification for the safety features incorporated in our elevators, making us the safest elevator on the planet.


    Can we customise our home elevators?

    Yes. Besides, Nibav provides a wide range of options for customization. Our customers can choose from a vast collection of colours, hues, textures and carpet choices for the interior of the elevators; apart from this one can customise their preferred specifications while opting for a home elevator, which includes a customised engraving in the cabin!
    Call our dedicated Home Elevator Experts to help you with a reliable home elevator for your family!

    Features Of Our Vacuum Elevators

    360° Panoramic Glass View

    Ultra-modern Aesthetics

    No need for Head or Pit Rooms

    Light Weight


    Compact and Comfortable

    Small Home Elevators